Monday, March 7, 2011

dreaming of orange sicles

A few nights ago I dreamt of popsicles, orange dreamsicles.. I use to eat those back when I was a little girl and had a great thought. Make cupcakes that remind me of that same great taste.

So I came up with the Orange Dreamsicle cupcake.

Sweets by Stepheny:  Orange Dreamsicle cupcake

This tasty delight is made with fresh Florida Oranges.  I squeezed the oranges and used the juice in the cake and also in the frosting.  I also took the pulp from the oranges and mixed it with the frosting.  The vanilla Bavarian cream was made with Vanilla Pudding and Heavy Whipping Cream.
The decor is orange rind lightly brushed with corn syrup and brown sugar and then was broiled in the oven until it was just right.

These cupcakes have been by far the Best I have created.  The comments are: Wilson:  "Awesome"   Stephanie and friends: "Oh my gosh, I must have another", "Steph, you make great cupcakes, but this cupcake is by far the Best I have tasted", "Oh, you're making cupcakes for my birthday"

This week I plan on baking Strawberry Cream cupcakes and Banana Bread.


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