Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year cupcake

Hello all fans of sweets!

For the start of 2012, closing of 2011, I wanted to create a new, delicious, luxurious cupcake.
I took a bit of bubbly, red velvet and strawberries and created the New Years Cupcake, Strawberries and Champagne.
This cupcake can be for any occasion or celebration.

I took fresh locally grown strawberries, red velvet cake and combined it with Casa Rossa, an Italian sweet fruity wine.  The combination was just pure genius.  A dollop of vanilla butter cream frosting with a slice of strawberry adorn the cupcake. 

The first taste hooked the connoisseur...craving another taste.

The combination of Casa Rossa, fresh strawberry pieces and red velvet made your mouth salivate for more.
Strawberries and Champagne

These cupcakes along with the Strawberry Creamsicles are best when strawberries are in season. (December through April in Florida)
Strawberry Creamsicle

Come Celebrate with your order of  Strawberries and Champagne and Strawberry Creamsicle... Seasonal priced.